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Head Coach:

Joe Haney 



Courtney Schleifer


Tom Feaster


Steve White





The Stewards Foundation Code of Conduct

• I understand that as a member of The Stewards Foundation Crew, I will be 

expected to make academics, rowing and exemplary behavior a priority this 

• I will be on time and attend all scheduled practices, races and team activities. 

In the event that I am running late or unable to attend any practices, races or 

team activities due to a personal emergency, I will contact coach immediately 

via text or phone call as early in the day as possible.

• I will treat my coach and teammates as well as their parents and family 

members with courtesy and respect, never talking badly about them to 

• I will give my best effort at every regatta and practice.

• I will be coachable and strive to learn the sport as my coach teaches it. 

• I understand that unselfishness is essential to excellent rowing and I commit 

myself to put team results above personal accolades 

• I pledge that I will behave in a manner that would bring honor to the 

reputation of our team and my family. 

• I will give my best efforts to contribute my time as a volunteer in fundraising 

and community events that support The Stewards Foundation.