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Joe Haney 



Courtney Schleifer


Tom Feaster


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The Stewards Foundation Committees: 1-7- 17
While this is a start, we anticipate that the volunteers will work together to develop a more structured approach to the roles and responsibilities of each work group. Some teams may require more time then others as well as varying personal or professional backgrounds or just what you think that you’d like to do. Each team would require a lead volunteer that coordinates efforts and works with the TSF leadership team.
Boathouse Development Committee:
Lead team of TSF supporters in our effort to assume responsibility for the overall
management of the Harney Park boathouse so we can grow our program.
Capital Fundraising Committee:
Team that creates and oversees the execution of fundraising efforts to support TSF
facility and equipment needs.
Facilities and Equipment Team:
Provides ongoing support on the repair and maintenance of TSF existing facility and
Regatta Support:
Team that organizes and executes support of regatta planning.


Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners