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Our Origins

The sport of rowing entered the Tampa Area in 1941 when the University of Tampa established an intercollegiate crew (rowing team). However, in 1984 the University planned to discontinue the team. Recognizing that a great void would be created in a community well-disposed to rowing if this were to happen, The Stewards Foundation was formed to foster rowing in the Tampa Bay area. Founders included visionaries who could see the spectrum of possibilities for crew as a community resource; the group included: the late Fred Leary, Finn Casperson, Van McNeel, Fred Bullard, and William A. Krusen, Chairman Emeritus. Tom Feaster was the first Executive Director... In 1991, The Stewards Foundation was granted tax-exempt status under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c) (3).

The first project for Mr. Krusen, Mc Nell and Feaster prior to establishing The Stewards Foundation was the McNeel Boathouse at the University of Tampa. The resulting 12,000 square foot facility had accommodations for boats, equipment, dormitory housing for visiting teams, and access to University dining facilities. By 2004, however, the University found it could no longer host the 20, or so, visiting collegiate teams and more than 300 high school student rowers it had hosted during the intervening years because of the University’s expansion from 1,500 students to 5,000 – there was no more room for the program.

Responding to the community need for crew facilities, The Stewards Foundation constructed a temporary boathouse presently located in Julian B. Lane River Front Park. It includes four 20’ by 70’ bays housing 150 racing shells. There is also some limited storage for canoes and kayaks. Located on the Hillsborough River with floating docks provided by The Stewards Foundation, the boathouse is perfectly situated. In cooperation with the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department, The Stewards Foundation provides innovative programming to benefit neighborhood youth.


As a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization, The Stewards Foundation mission is to use the sport of crew (rowing) as a vehicle to raise self-esteem and teach teamwork and responsibility to youngsters within the community of Tampa while giving them an opportunity to enhance their future educational opportunities.  The sport of rowing is an endeavor with a natural inclination for doing so because in crew it is not the best athletes that win a race but the athletes that row best together.  We value Community, Learning, Teamwork and Responsibility.  


Youth/High School Rowing

Coaching and counsel are provided to a growing number of schools to help build their programs. Public and private schools throughout the Tampa area participate in the program. The Tampa Stewards Youth Program also makes it possible for several unaffiliated public schools to engage their students in rowing the year round.  

Housing/Landlord of Youth High School Rowing Programs

The Julian Lane Riverfront Park boathouse is available to the schools for boat and equipment storage, meetings and practices on a regular basis.

Inner City Youth Rowing Camp

The initial objective of the Pilot, held in 2007, was to create an opportunity for the youth of Tampa to participate in an introduction to the sport of rowing and to encourage the participants to continue rowing endeavors during the subsequent academic year in their respective schools. Commentary from the Department of Parks and Recreation alludes repeatedly to the success of the program. The target was for 100 youths, ages 12-16, to participate. A secondary objective was to identify individuals participating in the program who would be candidates to move forward to the Stewards Foundation Club – which trains and competes throughout the entire school year. The Stewards Foundation provides financial support for each student who makes such a choice to cover the costs of year-round participation.  Seven years after the pilot program began; The Stewards Foundation is a 2014 nominee by The US Rowing Association Board of Directors to receive the prestigious Anita De France award for opening up the sport of Rowing to the less-advantaged youth of our community.  

Tampa Mayor’s Cup Regatta

Because of its warm climate and the superb facilities provided by The Stewards Foundation, colleges and universities from the more northern states eagerly seek to practice, and engage in early competition, in Tampa. Our metropolitan area is becoming a world-class center for winter and spring training in rowing. The Tampa Mayor’s Cup is a preseason collegiate, youth and Masters Event featuring crews that will be training in Tampa during the previous weeks. The race takes place on the Seddon Channel between Davis Islands and Harbor Island. Proceeds from the Regatta, and fees for rental of facilities by collegiate teams in practice mode, are the principal sources of operating revenue for the Foundation.  



Thomas E. Feaster, President

Stephen R. White, Treasurer

Michael Smith, Head Coach


Thomas E. Feaster – 813-404-6580

Steve White – 813. 505-.2666