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Joe Haney 



Courtney Schleifer


Tom Feaster


Steve White






Practices are held throughout the week and are posted under Youth Practice Schedules. Friday and Saturday practices are subject to change on days we travel to Regattas. Work and school schedules will be accommodated, but the rowers are responsible for communicating their scheduling needs to their coach. For any reason a rower is unable to attend practice, we ask that the athlete contact their coach via their cell phone before 2pm.

Attendance Policy

If an athlete is unable to attend practice they (not their parents) must notify the coaching staff before 2pm on the day that they will be missing. Failure to attend practice jeopardizes the teams’ ability to practice as well as preventing an athlete's improvement.  If an athlete misses more than 15% of the scheduled practices, they will not be allowed to participate in the following regattas.  Until they have attended more than 85% of the scheduled practices.

    Athlete Specific Gear 

During practice, the coaching staff requests all of the athletes to wear synthetic and/or water resistant gear when we are on the water. The synthetic fibers are crucial during practice as they keep the body warm when it is wet and cool when the weather temperatures heat up by wicking away water.  This adaptability allows the athlete to train at a safer and more comfortable level during workouts.  Cotton, when it becomes wet, holds the moisture in its fibers causing body temperatures to drop and can lead to a variety of negative issues detrimental to the health of rowers including but not limited to hypothermia.  We also recommend the rowers have a good pair of cross trainer type shoes in which they can erg, run and work out. These kinds of shoes offer a wide array of adaptability and will allow for more comfort and promote a better workout during practice.  Baggy clothes will not be permitted in boats as it can get caught in the tracks.  Athletes not dressed for conditions or without running shoes will not be allowed to participate.  Failure to have appropriate clothing will count as an absence.