Visiting Team Coaches

The Stewards Foundation welcomes all teams looking for bonus winter mileage!





We offer two locations that are equally flat and traffic free!

Bypass Canal
The known for its fast, flat buoyed sprint course is 6k long and 100m wide (with a 1500m course permanently in place. Equipment rental is available at this location

The Palm River
Unlimited meters of rowing on beautiful wide river, with minimal boat traffic.


We offer complete launch/motor setups, ergs, 1x,2x/2-,4x/4+ and 8+ rentals.


We have worked with the Barrymore Hotel, located in the heart of Tampa, to offer Crew Team Rates of $99 per room (you must mention The Stewards Foundation, regardless of where you choose to row) that includes Free Shuttle: To and From Tampa International Airport, as well as Free Shuttle to and From either practice locations and also throughout the immediate city area, including the University of Tampa, where Sodexo offers a meal program.

Additional Area Information

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